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Looking for a web marketing company in Abbotsford?

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Finding a good web marketing company or web designer in Abbotsford is tough. If you have hired a Web Designer or Web Company before you will know what I mean. Many will promise great search rankings and in the end you may have an ok looking site but no traffic and less money in your pocket.

The reason is that most web designers are either “graphic artists” or “techies”. They may be able to build you a nice looking website, however it’s the structure and the keywords that you market and how you market will determine the success of your website.

Now ask yourself this question. If you were going to hire a web designer in Abbotsford would you hire a graphic designer, a techie or a marketing person? Being the smart person you are you would probably say you want a company that has all three, but if you had to put a priority on one aspect it should be marketing. Why spend money on a website if it is not attracting visitors!

Google does not send visitors to your site because graphically your website looks visually appealing. Google sends traffic to your website because your website was marketed properly to search engines and your website has good content. In fact, some of the ugliest websites around receive tons of traffic from search engines.

Our point is this. If you are going to hire a website design company in Abbotsford or any city for that matter, there is a logical sequence your web designer needs to go through to create a successful website.

If your web designer starts with the look and feel and the site and says that they will do all the optimization after you approve the graphic design our advice is to “run”. Unfortunately that is how most websites are created, with the design elements first and little or no consideration for driving traffic to your website.

We are marketers first and web designers second. That may seem a little backwards at first, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

You see the purpose of most websites is to generate leads, to generate sales or both. Therefore does it not make sense to figure out how to market to your prospects and determine what keywords to market first and then build your website around that strategy?

The most important part of building a website that delivers results (traffic) is the keyword research. You need to know what keywords you’re going to market first and then build your website around that structure. Look at the web marketing section of this site for more details on why this is so critical. It is only after structuring your site that the look and feel of the site is considered.

3D has been designing websites for small businesses and medium size business in the Abbotsford area since 2005. We create everything from landing pages to small websites, to large complex websites. Our expertise also extends to auto responders, forms and affiliate programs.

Last but not least, we are well respected for our expertise in marketing, web marketing, local internet marketing and mobile marketing.

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