Website Development

Web Development

We specialize in building websites in WordPress and Joomla for Abbotsford (GTA) based companies. We also do custom programming, upgrades, updates, and add new modules, components, extensions or widgets depending on the type of website or CMS (Content Management System) you have.

Part of the reason why we use WordPress and Joomla as a base (CMS) for building websites is that much of the functionality that you would be looking to add to your website is already available for free (in most cases).

There are literally tens of thousands of plugins, widgets, components and the like available for WordPress and Joomla websites. Most of these are like mini programs that we can install to give you the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes our clients are looking for landing pages or sales pages with some functionality. Most often they are looking for forms and follow up emails to be sent on auto pilot. In the internet marketing world, this functionality is provided by programs called “auto responders” like Aweber and Constant Contact.

If you are not familiar with auto responder programs, in essence these programs create the form you see on a webpage that captures a subscribers email address, name and any other information you want to collect. Auto responders also send the subscriber a one-time email or a series of emails on a scheduled basis. If you have ever subscribed to a newsletter, you have experienced how an auto responder works first hand. Some call this email marketing.

We can help you to incorporate an auto responder into your website and also help you to develop your email marketing program.

Of course there is not always a widget or off the shelf program available to provide the functionality you desire. We have built some elaborate websites with a lot of custom programming involving PHP, SQL, Java, html and interfaces from one program to another. Therefore, whatever your need, we can help.

Almost all of the websites we create are editable websites. That means that you can go in and make simple changes to your website like changing text, links or adding and deleting web pages. Part of our process is to train you how to make simple changes to your website. Why pay us to do updates on your website if it’s something that you or a staff member can do easily. We don’t hold you hostage and strive to give you as much flexibility as you want to control your website maintenance.

So whether you have a simple update to your website or want to add new functionality to your website please give us a call at 604-418-1629 or complete the contact us form.

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