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Website Payments / E-commerce Website.

Are you interested in adding a feature to your website that would allow credit card payments or PayPal payments for your products or services?

Whether you have a membership site, a directory or your looking to sell products through an online shopping cart, we are here to help.

We have implemented many payment solutions into websites of all shapes and sizes. We work with WordPress Websites, Joomla websites and plain HTML websites. You do not need a large website to incorporate online payments or to turn your website into an e-commerce website.

Some of our clients prefer Paypal as there are no upfront costs and it’s easy to use. Other clients prefer merchant services associated with a bank or credit union. Some of the larger ones are Moneris, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, TD Merchant Services and Evalon.

If you sell multiple products you may want to consider incorporating a shopping cart into your online payment solution.

Re-occurring billing is also popular with membership sites, training sites and online directories. Re-occurring billing is great for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. You can also offer free periods (e.g. a free month subscription), discounts and promotions. In essence if you can think it, there is a payment solution that can provide the versatility you are seeking.

In addition, some of our clients want an affiliate program or referral program incorporated into their website. If you have or want to reward other individuals or companies for promoting your products and services, an affiliate program is worth considering.

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