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Website Design In Abbotsford for Small Businesses

The 3D Website Design Company creates everything from simple websites and landing pages, to large directories and online resources. We specialize in building and designing websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs that attract new business.

When you look to hire a web designer or a web design company, you have certain expectations on what they can do for you and you want to ensure they can deliver what they promise. Unfortunately, there are too many web design companies that fall short on deliverables.

Our focus is on delivering results. Therefore one of the first questions we ask our clients is “What is the purpose of your website?”

It is vitally important that the purpose of your website is established as it has a major impact on how your website is structured. We are not talking about the graphic design or the look of the site, we are talking about the structure or foundation of the website. The purpose of your website will generally falls into one of 3 categories. They are:

  1. To generate leads or sales or both.
  2. To increase the credibility of your company. Having a website adds an element of stability in the eyes of some prospects.
  3. To provide information or support to customers and/or visitors to your website.

99% of all websites purpose is to generate leads and sales. It is important to acknowledge this as too many web designers get caught up in the graphic design or look of the site when the attention should be on the website structure.

Google, Yahoo and Bing can’t see that flashy intro or the spectacular images your designer created for your website. What search engines see is text, not images or flash.

Therefore it is vitally important that your websites structure is search engine friendly.

Our process and the best process to use to create a website that delivers is the following:

  1. We discuss the purpose of your website, what you are selling and who you are selling to (your target market).
  2. Keyword research. This is probably the most important factor if your websites purpose is to attract visitors.
  3. We decide which platform (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc) is best suited for your website and identify which plugins and components to install. We then map out your website pages and navigation bars based our keyword research.
  4. Finally we decide on the graphic design aspects of your site and web flow based on your target audience.

At that point it’s a matter of small tweaks to your website to ensure you are happy with the end result.

You can provide all the copy (text) for the website or we will have one of our expert copywriters write your website’s copy. Our graphic designer will also add stunning images and graphic elements that will result in a great looking website.

As you can see, the design elements are almost the last step in building a website that delivers. Unfortunately, most web design companies start with the graphic design and making your website search engine friendly is an afterthought.

If your want a website that delivers results, you must ensure you are using the process outlined above.

On that note, we also manage existing websites. We can add new functionality, a new look or transform your non-performing website into a website that delivers.

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